The Lifetential Blogs, Vlogs and Pods!

Lifetential is a personal growth, expansion and transformation blog working to provide information and supportive blogs, vlogs and podcasts for people who are curious about all things personal growth, expansion and transformation..

As the creator of the Lifetential Blog, I’m embracing this process of blogging, vlogging and podcasting in the hope of offering a range of helpful, supportive and encouraging articles that will support, inspire and empower you as you travel your life journey in all its shapes and forms. Particularly for people who may be going through shifts and changes in their own lives. 

The Lifetential blog strives to provide the advice, support and resources you need as you work through your own life shifts, transitions and transformations. In the hope that these will support you in developing a deeper understanding of your own strengths and capabilities, as well  as offer strategies and tools to help you create powerful shifts and transformations in all aspects of your life. 

What’s helped me along the way, so many different things, therapy, life coaching, meditation, getting outdoors, embracing my spiritual side and exploring how that can support me along my own journey to self-actualisation.

But as a starting point and really importantly I realised it was also my willingness to step in and do that self-reflection, take responsibility for myself and put the time and effort into supporting myself in any way I needed to support me along the way.