Tag: Self Care

21st December 2020

Building Resilience and Mental Wellbeing – A Regular Regime Required.

When working with some of my clients around building resilience and mental wellbeing I have often been asked the question “how do I fix or change that?”. And usually my response tends to be that “there is no quick fix to building mental wellbeing and resilience”. Mental wellbeing is the state where you are able to say, hand on heart, “you know what, I am […]

11th May 2019

Exploring our Emotional Ebb and Flow

There is an internal emotional ebb and flow that we each go through, that we can be acutely connected to or not. How well connected we are to our internal emotional ebb and flow will strongly influence how we respond and interact with our day to day lives. Many clients I have worked with have wished for things to just be stable and steady, or […]